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Laser Trip Wire Alarm on a Veroboard

Laser Trip Wire Alarm on a Veroboard
Ok ill admit it im a fan of spy movies and the thing that amazes me the most are the trap triggers – infrared laser tripwires! Yeeeeeehaaaaa! A single mistake and your kaboom! Im not ganna post about a potentially dangerous thing so ill post about a tripwire that will sound a buzzer when someone cuts the path of light. First off lets start w [...]

Transistor Based Stepper Motor Driver...

Transistor Based Stepper Motor Driver on Veroboards
This is one of my favorite simple circuits – this (as the title says) is a stepper motor driver. First a stepper motor is either Uni-polar or Bipolar. This example assumes that the target stepper motor is Uni-polar. The implementation for a bipolar version is similar though the sequence of pulses may change. Usually stepper motors comes in 4 [...]

A Single Transistor Voltage Regulator...

A Single Transistor Voltage Regulator on A Veroboard
Hi everyone for my first post here in ide like to start off with a simple regulator circuit that ive been using for some time now – low component count, simple to implement and occupies very small space on your breadboard. Fig1. Simple implementation of a transistor based voltage regulator As simple as it can be J a 3.3V volta [...]

Binary Counter

Binary Counter Project on Stripboard This is the sample…of  

Vee CAD Stripboard (Veroboard) Editor

Vee CAD stripboard or veroboard layout editor
The One and Only Stripboard Layout Editor With Autorouting Capabilities Take a look on authors home page: LINK  

Gainclone High Quality Jfet Audio Buf...

If You Need Audio Buffer There’s One With High Quality by Pedja Rogic Schematic High Quality Schematic for Audio Buffer Veroboard Layout of Audio Buffer   Authors page LINK

Jule Thief as LED Driver

joule thief on stripboard
How to Run LEDiode on Less then 1,5V Jule Thief Schematic Jule Thief Stripboard Layout Author’s page: LINK

LM317 Constant Current Circuit

Use LM317 for Simple Constant Current On the Author’s page you may see simple implementation of LM317 for constant current, plus some useful information to use it in laser project.     (more…)

Schematic Striplay

Schematic and Layout Editor for Stripboards, Rasterboards, Atarado boards, Breadboards… Here’s the LINK.